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This page is the first step in the job application process.

The job, company, and location are shown at the top of the page. If either of these are not correct, click the Previous button to return to the previous page.

Add your Resume

In order to continue, you must provide a resume. Most job seekers provide an electronic version of their resume document.

  • To attach a resume document:

    • Select the “Attach Resume” radio button.
    • Click the “Browse” button. 
    • Locate the resume document on your computer.
      Only .doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf, .txt and .html files can be attached.

    To type your resume manually:

    • Select the “Type resume” radio button.
    • Manually type your resume, or copy and paste yours
      from a document into the text field provided.
    • Basic formatting controls are provided, such as
      bullet lists, bold type, and hyperlinks.

Cover Letter

Including a cover letter with your job application is optional, and is not required to continue.

  • To include a cover letter with your job application, select the “Include cover letter” check box, and and in the text field that appears, enter (or copy and paste) your cover letter.

Privacy Agreement

In order to continue you must read and agree to the terms of JobScore's candidate data protection agreement.

  • Once you have read and agree to the terms, select the checkbox.

Ready to continue?

  • Click the “Continue” button once you have completed all three sections.
    NOTE: until you agree to the terms, the “Continue” button will be grey and non-functional.
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